Outside or In

 You can change the color of any room to make it go from bland to grand, now to wow or dull/bright to out of sight. A new coat of paint or a fresh wall covering makes all the difference. The team at ColorSmart Painting can paint one or all of the rooms in your home, condo, office, townhouse, or business. We work quickly and as efficient as is necessary. We understand that painting can interrupt your life or leave your home in dismay, so we take that into consideration and get the job done fast and right the first time. And we always respect the owners property, both your personal property and the building itself. From diligent preparation work to a thorough cleanup, we will provide expertise you simply cannot help but love and admire. Our clients trust us.  That’s why they come back and recommend us to their friends and family.

  • Setting up the room: we will remove and/or cover all furniture, remove all fixtures, cover the floors with drop cloths
  • Preparing the room: we will scuff or sand the surfaces, fill any holes and cracks, caulk gaps in the trim, seal stains, and wash surfaces
  • Painting: we will prime all surfaces as needed, apply paint only with proper tools and techniques, apply the straight cut lines between walls and trim, and clean up the area
  • Our final inspection: we will complete a project walk-around with our professional crew. We will complete final touch-ups where required, clean up the area, and the conduct a final project walk around